A suite of GCSE science courses developed in partnership with the University of York

Entry Level FAQs

How does the Entry Level course fit into the C21 suite?

Does Entry Level allow access to GCSE for some students?

How does the Entry Level course fit into the C21 suite?

The Entry Level specification is on the OCR website at OCR Entry Level Science.

You will see from the specification that the content matches some of the content in Twenty First Century Science and Gateway Science. You may wish to bear this in mind when selecting which 'Items' to cover.

The controlled assessment allows straightforward double entry of students for Entry level plus GCSE Science if you wish. The case study activity which students carry out during the Entry Level course can be submitted for GCSE Science, although you must read the guidance in the specification carefully before seting the task. Note also that the work would need to be remarked against the GCSE Science criteria.

Teachers at schools which offer Entry Level have reported that that Entry Level + GCSE Additional Applied Science is a popular combination for some students.

Does Entry Level allow access to a GCSE for some students?

Yes. Students can go on into GCSE Science or GCSE Additional Applied Science. Alternatively they could be double-entered for Entry level and GCSE Science, and then do GCSE Additional Applied Science afterwards.

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