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Additional Applied Science assessment

Assessment is the responsibility of OCR.

This is about the 2006 course. The 2011 course is similar. See the OCR 2011 specification.

GCSE Additional Applied Science will help students to develop the skills they may need in their working or everyday lives, or for progressing to science-related vocational courses.

The assessment of GCSE Additional Applied Science is based on:

  • A written test for each of the 3 modules studied
  • Internal assessment of practical skills, in the form of a work-related portfolio, comprising:
    • 6 Standard procedures – 2 for each of the 3 chosen modules
    • 1 Suitability test
    • 1 Work-related report

Standard procedures

Many industries use standard procedures to ensure that results are of good quality and reliable, often to meet legal requirements for quality control. Students of all abilities can take pleasure in mastering a skill so that it is repeatable and reliable. Typically standard procedures will be carried out and assessed in a single lesson.

Suitability test

In commerce or industry it is often necessary to decide a suitable material to use for a specified purpose, a suitable procedure leading a desired outcome, or a suitable device to use for a purpose. Understanding the context enables a practitioner to clarify the criteria that define ‘suitability’. They can then devise an investigation that will reveal how well the criteria are met.

Conducting a suitability test requires students to bring together science knowledge and understanding, practical competency and an understanding of the work-related context. They can demonstrate the ability to test the suitability of a material, procedure or a device for a particular purpose in any of the three Applied modules chosen.

These tests will require a more extended time allocation than the Standard Procedures.

Work-related report

This task provides an opportunity for students to research authentic contexts in which science is applied. At the core of their report is a description of the nature of the work carried out. They focus on specific aspects of workplace practice, and make links to relevant scientific knowledge from any of the six Applied modules.

Writing this report requires several skills associated with scientific communication:

  • collecting information and acknowledging sources;
  • structuring a report appropriately;
  • making effective use of visual material to convey information and ideas.

See also guidance for students on Coursework for Additional Applied science.

For OCR specification, past papers and mark schemes, coursework guidance and more see our guide to OCR website.

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