A suite of GCSE science courses developed in partnership with the University of York

A5 Communications: module summary

The Communications module provides an insight into three vocational areas:

  • designing and making communications systems
  • selling and servicing such systems
  • using them.

In this module students experience and gain an insight into systems widely used in entertainment, and in personal and mass communications. Many students will be knowledgeable about particular communication technologies, and will be motivated to share this knowledge.

Students are less likely to have:

  • an understanding of general principles underlying these technologies
  • skill in assembling and testing circuits
  • an overview of factors shaping the communications business sector.

These are covered in the teaching resources.

Communications builds on students' work in the GCSE Science course, especially
P2 Radiation and life

There may be communications businesses in your locality. The module will come across to students as more authentic if you are able to organise a classroom visit by a communications engineer and/or retailer.