Energy > thermal energy

Mixing two masses of water at different temperatures to discuss thermal energy transfer.

Quantitative measurement of thermal energy transferred from a range of sources.

Using an aluminium block and immersion heater to estimate the specific thermal capacity (also called the 'specific heat capacity') of aluminium.

Using kinetic energy to heat different components.

Transferring energy mechanically to lead shot and measuring its temperature rise.

Observing convection currents in a beaker of water.

Watching convection currents in water.

Visualizing convection currents in air.

Simple observations on transmitting and absorbing radiant energy.

Using the hand as a detector to compare the absorption of radiation.

A simple comparison of the energy radiating from two Bunsen flames.

Comparing the energy radiated from a dull black and a shiny surface.

Shows the properties of radiant energy.

To introduce ideas of heat transfer and thermal capacity.