Welcome to Teaching about Science

This website will help you to explore how science works with post-16 students taking AS/A science courses. Our resources will help motivate students to learn scientific concepts, particularly important as how science works is now a component of all AS/A science courses.

There are six lessons available to download. Each lesson contains notes for teachers and other resources such as OHTs and student sheets. The lessons fall into three areas.

The role of theoretical models

  • Lesson A Electromagnetism (Physics)
  • Lesson B Cell membranes (Biology)
  • Lesson C Continental drift (Any science, or geography)

Assessing the quality of data

  • Lesson D Chemical data (Chemistry)
  • Lesson E Mobile phones (Any science)

Purposes of scientific research

  • Lesson F Purposes of Scientific Research (Any science)

These lessons were developed in partnership with the University of Leeds.

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