Teachers who are providing a reference

If you have been asked to provide a reference

All student applications are completed and processed on our online system. If a student has requested you to be their referee, you will receive an e-mail inviting you to view the student application and write the reference. 

Students are required to provide their qualifications (previous and current), subjects of interest, and a personal statement explaining why they are suitable for the programme. You will be able to see this information when you are providing your reference and we ask that you check that the information the student provided is accurate. The personal statement is an important part of the application process, and you may wish to provide support for the student before they submit their application. Details for how to write a good personal statement can be found here.

Students are also required to state whether they are eligible for a bursary on their application. Although we do not need evidence from teachers regarding a student’s eligibility, you may wish to support a student in their application by providing additional information when you provide your reference.   

What to include in your reference

In your reference, you should comment on:

  • The student’s motivation and enthusiasm for science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects, or subjects (including economics, psychology, and geography) with high data/quantitative demands.
  • Why this student would benefit from the research placement and how they have expressed an interest in completing a research placement (this information should also be written in the student’s personal statement).
  • The student’s skills, strengths and attitude, particularly relating to science subjects that they are studying. Remember that the placements are sought after and Coordinators will choose students who are committed and hardworking for the placement.
  • The student’s ability to work independently, take responsibility and use their initiative.
  • Any special educational requirements, or extenuating circumstances that apply to this student.

If you require further information regarding using the online system, please contact your Regional Coordinator. 

See also

Download a user guide to the online system to assist you when you are providing a reference. 

To check your student is eligible for the programme, check our eligibility crtieria