11-14 cross-curricular projects in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM)

Welcome to STEM 11-16 projects

Nuffield cross-curricular STEM projects encourage pupils to explore problems in depth through science, mathematics and design & technology. Project work in authentic STEM contexts leads to a better understanding of how these disciplines (along with engineering) interact in the real world.

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  • Futures challenges pupils to consider how humans could live more sustainably, learning from closed loop natural systems.
  • Games involves activities to explore fitness, fairness, and the design of games and sports equipment.
  • Futures and Games are based on a skills led approach, encouraging group work, reflective learning and application of STEM.

About STEM 11-16 projects

Why cross-curricular STEM?

Benefits to pupils of  STEM cross-curricular projects include:

  • greater motivation
  • making links between subjects, enhancing learning
  • development of learning skills
  • the opportunity to tackle authentic, complex problems over an extended period of time.

Learning Skills for STEM

Nuffield STEM projects challenge pupils to development their own ideas. To help them with this, pupils are explicitly taught a set of skills. These skills build on the knowledge, skills and understanding learned through individual STEM subjects.

Skills help 11-16 pupils to:

  • Develop a range of skills
  • Plan and organise learning
  • Formulate questions or design briefs
  • Discuss and plan collaborative work
  • Critique information researched from a variety of sources
  • Analyse and represent data
  • Develop frameworks for thinking
  • Present and explain their designs or solutions
  • Record and evaluate their learning journey