11-14 cross-curricular projects in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM)

Pod 4 Climate change

In this sample video from Pod 4, Speck the alien explains about global warming.

Pupils find out about the relationship between carbon and energy.

They look at evidence linking excess carbon dioxide with global warming. They consider the carbon footprints of different activities and suggest how countries could reduce their overall emissions. Finally pupils are challenged to imagine a future in which humans thrive in a system powered by renewable energy.

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Lesson 1: Carbon cycle

Pupils explore the relationships between the different components of the carbon cycle. By assuming the roles of different parts of the cycle, they find that the carbon cycle is a closed loop system in dynamic equilibrium.

Pupils use an animated model to predict the effect of changing certain stages in the carbon cycle.

Climate lesson 1 image

Download the resources for pod 4 Climate change

Lesson 2: Exploring global warming

Pupils collect laboratory evidence to investigate whether raising carbon dioxide concentrations produces a greenhouse effect.

They then look at secondary data to find out whether there are links between carbon dioxide concentrations, global temperature increases and climate change.

Climate lesson 2 image

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Lesson 3: Carbon footprint

Pupils are introduced to the concept of the carbon footprint. They realise that nearly everything they do or consume is responsible for the release of extra CO2.

Pupils use a carbon calculator to work out how much carbon is produced by everyday activities. They study graphs showing that access to oil (and therefore wealth) is very uneven across the globe. Using a spreadsheet, they model how global carbon equity could be established by 2050. They finish by considering what impact this solution would have on their lives.

Climate lesson 3 image

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Lessons 4 & 5: The wind farm

The pupils’ task is to plan and design an exhibition to persuade people of the need to site a wind farm within their borough. To do this, groups need to conduct research that produces a closed loop rationale for their plans. They also need to make key decisions on how their idea will be presented.


Climate lessons 4 & 5 image

Download the resources for pod 4 Climate change