11-14 cross-curricular projects in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM)

Pod 3 Cars

In this sample video from Pod 3, the children discuss designing for the future.

Pupils explore our relationship with cars and how this needs to change in the future.

Pupils start by exploring health and social problems associated with car ownership. They move on to consider some more sustainable engine designs which could support healthier lifestyles. Finally pupils imagine a future without car ownership. What would a sutainable closed loop transport solution look like?

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Lesson 1: Cars in our lives

Pupils consider why cars have become such a central part of our life. They use an interactive timeline to learn about the history of cars for a quiz.

A Top Trumps game explores why people might choose different types of car, and introduces pupils to more sustainable car engine designs.

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Lesson 2: Investigating air pollution

Pupils use qualitative techniques to investigate where car pollution may be a problem within their school grounds or a local park.

They record and compare soot pollution at different distances from a road. Pupils analyse and evaluate the reliability of their data and reflect on their role in group work.

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Lesson 3: Traffic pollution

Pupils review written information about the impact of Mumbai’s traffic on health.

Pupils write a report advising the Mumbai government on whether diesel taxis should convert to cleaner Compressed Natural Gas fuel (CNG). This involves summarising health risks from air pollution, calculating whether the conversion to CNG can happen within the given time, and advising on possible actions to reduce air pollution.

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Lessons 4 & 5: Sustainable transport

By now pupils will have established some problems with excessive use of cars running on fossil fuels.

In this summative task pupils explore their own travel patterns. They consider how they could design an efficient sustainable transport system to deliver all the pupils in their class to school.

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