11-14 cross-curricular projects in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM)

Pod 1 Introduction

In this sample video from Pod 1, Speck the alien shows the children how nature recycles.

Pupils explore the continuing human need for materials and energy.

They learn about our wasteful linear manufacturing processes and use of non-renewable energy sources such as oil.

Then pupils find out about natural closed loop systems which recycle resources and are powered by sunshine.

Pupils are challenged  to construct a closed loop manufacturing process that works on ecological principles.

Download the resources for pod 1 Introduction starting with the Presentation which structures the lesson





Lesson 1: The ages of human civilisation

Pupils investigate how humans made use of resources in different historical eras. They role play how families have provided for their needs through the millennia.

Pupils begin to think about a sustainable future beyond our Oil Age.

Download the resources for pod 1 Introduction

Lesson 2: What do humans need?

Pupils investigate the relationship between humans and oil by looking at oil production over time.

Oil has fuelled a take-make-dump linear system. Pupils watch a film showing how this has led to pollution and resource depletion.

Download the resources for pod 1 introduction

Lesson 3: Cycles

Pupils use a card sort activity that exemplifies the cyclic nature of natural systems. They reinforce this idea by constructing a model of the water cycle.

Finally the class establishes a set of ‘rules’ for sustainability.

Download the resources for pod 1 Introduction