11-14 cross-curricular projects in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM)

Up to the mark

Is excellence in sport a natural gift? Or can anyone achieve it with enough practice? In in other words, does practice really make perfect? Pupils explore how training and practice can improve fitness, techniques and strategy. They also explore some scoring systems. These activities are inspired by London 2012. 

Download the documents, starting with the presentation which structures the lesson

Pod 1 Up to the mark presentation

Pod 1 Up to the mark teacher notes
(word version: Pod 1 Up to the mark teacher notes)

Pod 1 Up to the mark pupil sheets
(word version: Pod 1 Up to the mark pupil sheets)

Pod 1 Up to the mark learning log 
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Download the general guide to teaching The Games
General teacher guide (pdf)
General teacher guide (Word)

Lesson 1 Practice makes perfect
Pupils explore how the skills of throwing, catching and kicking can be improved. They design and carry out a scientific investigation and present their findings graphically.

Lesson 2 Training camp
Teams of pupils develop their web searching skills to produce a training programme based on skills, fitness, strategy and diet for a particular sport.

Lesson 3 Targets
Pupils consider scoring systems of different ‘target’ games.

Lesson 4 League tables
Pupils use spreadsheet formulae to investigate how league positions can change depending on the allocation of points for a win, draw, or lose. They consider how competitors might modify their game strategy to benefit from the league system.

Lesson 5  What’s the score?
Pupils use the knowledge, skills and understanding they have developed to design a new scoring system for a familiar game.

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