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Weblinks for Watching the brain working

The role of different brain regions

Diagrams that can be coloured to show different parts of brain or neurones

Some ideas for making a model of the brain, showing different sections of the cerebral cortex. Might be useful to have such a model in the classroom during this topic

Images and information on the different regions and their functions are part of the excellent set of resources in The Secret Life of the Brain.

Images showing different brain regions , a useful summary.

Brain imaging techniques

How MRI works from the Institute of Physics

Brief well-illustrated explanations of brain imaging techniques from the University of Utah

well presented short explanations of different scanning techniques, on the development of the brain and on different brain regions.

The whole brain atlas has a large collection of MRI scans of brains, normal and diseased

The Royal Society report Brain Waves 2011 contains chapters on the techniques and ethics of brain scanning.

Brain scans and individual differences

An article in Scientific American entitled ‘Can fMRI Really Tell If You're Lying?’

Discussion on the differences between female and male brains from Neuroscience for kids

The Wellcome Big Picture issue on Sex and Gender includes discussion on innate and cultural differences between males and females

Ethical issues

Meaning of death from University of Dundee and its significance for organ donation.

A long report ‘Critical care decisions in fetal and neonatal medicine: ethical issues’ published by the Nuffield Council on Bioethics

NHS information for relatives on persistent vegetative state

The UK Clinical Ethics network links to guidance for doctors on endof life issues.

The Brain - General Resources (this section is common to web links in 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3)

The Brain: MRC research for lifelong health. A useful booklet for the general public

The Royal Society report Brain Waves 2011 covers a range of information and issues

Educational resources on a range of neuroscience topics

A newletter with short articles on topical bran issues.

Neuroscience - Science Of The Brain: An Introduction for Young Students published by the British Neuroscience Association