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Weblinks for The Universe

General links

NASA provides a wide range of resources on most aspects of astronomy and cosmology

Our understanding of the solar system and how this has developed.

Good source of articles on early astronomy, with particular focus on Galileo.

Set of pages on the history of astronomy with useful explanatory diagrams.

The Voyager missions web site includes images and explanations.

UPD8 activity on why Pluto was downgraded

The Universe and our place in it

Wonderful pictures of the solar system, our galaxy and beyond from the Hubble space station.

The National Schools Observatory includes information on the night sky and the opportunity to use images from a large telescope on La Palma.

Google Earth is a good source of images and information, easy to search.

Ask an astronomer, useful short video explanations with graphics of topics such as ‘how can we see a black hole’ or ‘what causes a lunar eclipse’.

A nice animation to show the difference between heliocentric and geocentric models of the solar system

Understanding the Universe and the Big Bang

Good information on the big Bang and cosmic microwave background radiation from NASA.

An explanation of the Big Bang and some of the evidence from Cambridge.

Some outstanding problems

Educational material on dark matter and dark energy from NASA.

An explanation of the search for dark matter from Physics World.

A film of a short lecture with illustrations on dark matter and dark energy.