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Weblinks for infectious diseases now

Topical information

Try some of these web sites for topical information.

  • News items on topics from CNN
  • Useful up to date UK health statistics and links to other health sites from the Department of Health

The study of an infectious disease

The WHO site will give you statistics on a wide range of infectious diseases, such as up-to-date country by country HIV and cholera cases.

A site called the Cyber School Bus run by the UN has basic facts about infectious diseases, a glossary and a discussion covering definitions of health.

This animation shows the relative size of different cells and viruses.

Swine flu articles and history on the Nature web site

very good information site on HIV and AIDS, some is very explicit

WHO world health report for 2007 on the risks from pandemics

The origin of human infectious diseases such as HIV or new strains of influenza

A good explanation of the evidence for the different theories on the origin of HIV can be found here.

Scidev.net has a section devoted to background information and the latest news on bird flu.

Preventive measures include modern vaccines, the differing public attitudes to vaccines in different situations and some of the influences that affect attitudes

The WHO site on world-wide vaccine issues and developments.

An NHS site devoted to discussing MMR vaccine and the history of the controversy from the BBC can be found here.

A useful summary of the science of the immune system and vaccinations from the ABPI

Curative measures include antibiotics, their successes and their limitations.

A WHO report on antibiotic resistance

The role of public health measures in preventing disease in both high income and low income countries.

This site includes a good history of water borne infectious diseases from pre-history to the present.

WHO world health report 2007 is about global health threats, particularly from infectious disease

Institue for Development studies Sussex, magazine issue on maternal mortality

Statistical indicators of public health.

Download the UNDP Human development report here.

WHO provides a range of statistics on all aspects of health and disease.

Animated graphical representation of international statistics. Very good for comparisons

Set of definitions and explanations of terms used in public health statistics.

Ideas about science

Data and explanations

Bandolier is the journal of evidence based medicine. It includes evaluations of many treatments presented in accessible tables and graphs. Also a source of useful information for data analysis exercises.

Reports of the committee National Institute for Clinical Excellence which evaluates medicines for clinical effectiveness and cost effectiveness.

The Wellcome Trust have produced a book called 'From Victoria to Viagra - 150 years of medical progress'. ISBN 1-84129-046-7.
See http://www.amazon.co.uk/Victoria-Viagra-Years-Medical-Progress/dp/1841290467

Other resources

Microbes and Men by Robert Reid
35 Marylebone High Street, London W1M 4AA
ISBN 0 563 12469 5 published 1974