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Weblinks for Evolution

The development of the theory and influences on Darwin
Short timeline
of the main events in the development of the theory from Victorian web.

A sympathetic evaluation of Lamarck’s work

A good range of links related to the Galapagos Islands on the Cornell site including several virtual tours of the islands.

The theory of evolution by natural selection and some of the evidence

Good information on evolution in small units with lots of attractive illustrations

The text of the 'The Voyage of the Beagle' by Charles Darwin at the web site of the Online Literature Library. Start by reading the Preface before dipping into some of the chapters.
The text of the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin at the web site of the Online Literature Library. Have a look at the Introductions before dipping into some of the chapters. Then perhaps look at Chapter 14.

An account of the fossil record and evolution, with explanation of the nature of scientific theory, attractive and informative http://www.agiweb.org/news/evolution.pdf

A collection of the ideas of the late Stephen Jay Gould, one of the most interesting writers on evolution, with some controversial views.

Reactions and objections to the theory
Guidance on the place of Creationism and Intelligent Design in education from the DCSF.

Short article on the changing relationship between religion and science in the 19th century from the Victorian Web

This site, Talk Origins, describes itself as “exploring the creation/evolution controversy” but it is much more than that because provides excellent explanations of many aspects of evolution, though often in more detail than students require for this topic.

One of the Intelligent design web sites

“Americans are flocking to a hi-tech Creation Museum where man and dinosaurs frolic happily together” – published in The Independent on Sunday 19th August 2007:

Implications of the theory
Wellcome Big Picture on evolution including the social impact of the theory, and a discussion of evolution and religion.

Extracts from The Origin of Species articles on why it matters and on modern developments.

Human evolution
Research in Africa shows great genetic diversity between different populations and allows some indication of the origins of Afro-Caribbean populations.

How science works – science explanations
An essay from the University Warwick written for undergraduates on how science works, contrasting it with supernaturalism. The general principles are then applied to evolution.

An ironic ‘advice for creationists’ which neatly sums up the lack of scientific credibility for their claims. http://www.pantaneto.co.uk/issue32/curmudgeon.htm

Another site explaining what science is and using evolution to illustrate the issues

The Arkive website provides photos and videos of endangered species, plus teaching resources on conservation and evolution.