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Weblinks for ethical issues in medicine

Introductions to Ethics
Bioethics education project
has a series of explanations and activities on different aspects of bioethics.

The use of animal subjects for research
Nuffield Council for Bioethics report on the ethics of research involving animals.

A set of articles explaining how ethics is applied to the use of animals in research, from the RSPCA.

Clear, fairly detailed information, from the BBC on the different ethical positions on the use of animals, with an emphasis on animal rights.

Animal testing in the UK is regulated by the Home Office. This site gives their position and links to the latest statistics on the numbers used.

Dr Hadwen Trust is an organisation dedicated to finding scientifically useful alternatives to animal testing.

Informative and well illustrated booklet from ABPI for schools with information on animal testing and the alternatives.

The use of human subjects for research
The Medical Research Council
provides information on how clinical trials are organised and what it means to be involved in one.

An NHS resource for professionals planning clinical trials, it includes useful summaries and case studies.

An ethical code for scientists based on rigour, respect and responsibility.

Responsibilities of pharmaceutical companies, including clinical trials and availability
Health action international
is working to increase access to essential medicines. This site has links to recent articles and other publications.

A section of the excellent Scidev.net site that covers the ethics of pharmaceutical research in developing countries.

Global Health and the Pharmaceutical Industry is a recent publication from the ABPI setting out its values and its approach to helping access to life-saving medicines in poorer countries.

A long report from Oxfam setting out its position on the availability of medicines in poor countries and how this might be improved.

A site for the pharmaceutical industry that analyses new developments and their market prospects as well as listing trials that have been discontinued and why.

Stem cells and cloning
Excellent series of activities and information on stem cells from the Genetic Science Learning Centre in Utah.

ABPI resources on stem cells.

Detailed information on ethics and law of stem cell research from Cambridge Genetics Knowledge Park.

Nuffield bioethics report on stem cell therapy written in 2000.

Articles on stem cells from Nature Scitable http://www.nature.com/scitable

A booklet for the general public from the Medical Research Council on stem cells,

Useful short summary from the BBC of the issues involved in the debate going on in early 2008 on the creation of human-animal hybrid embryos.

Bionews provides topical information and opinion articles on developments in the field of genetics and human reproduction, including stem cells