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Weblinks for Are we alone?

Teaching the topic

A complete set of resources for teaching this topic from NASA, activities 3, 4, 5 all directly relevant though aimed at a slightly younger audience.

Recent news stories and background information from New Scientist with good articles and diagrams.

Many excellent images from NASA

Extremophiles on Earth

Informative site on extremophiles

A good US educational resource on microbial life including extremophiles, with nice pictures.

An article in Scientific American Are Aliens Among Us? (not free)


How planet hunting works, from How Stuff Works, including simple animations.

Information on 10 exoplanets, informative article from Scientific American.

Current research

The SETI institute is looking for extra-terrestrial life.

The European Space Agency site has articles discussing some of the issues and future research plans in the search for Earth-like planets

The Kepler mission is searching for planets outside our solar system