Enabling students to understand and analyse contemporary issues in science and technology

Unit 2 Reading and writing about science: coursework

Support and advice are provided by AQA the awarding body, the Science in Society textbook and this website.

Teacher standardisation meetings

AQA is running two meetings for teachers in November and December. More information on the AQA noticeboard.

Coursework adviser

All centres are assigned an AQA coursework adviser who is a moderator or an experienced teacher of the course. The adviser can be consulted on issues such as whether an unusual choice of reading or topical issue is appropriate, or on interpretation of the specification requirements. Contact the Subject officer, Philip Bridgehouse, PBridgehouse@aqa.org.uk for more information or if you have not yet been assigned an adviser.


The Science in Society textbook Chapter 12 page 193-206 is full of advice for students on how to choose a topic and a book, how to do the research, and how to write a report including the correct way to give references.

Critical account

This website has a section where you will find resources for teachers, a scheme of work, and samples of past coursework with brief commentaries on marking. See Critical account.

For students there is a checklist and a marking grid in more student-friendly language than in the specification. And there is a link to the AQA resources with extensive lists of suitable books. The Royal Society has a list of the most recent shortlists for their Science book prize.

Topical issue

The Topical issue section of this website has resources for teachers, including a scheme of work and samples. Resources for students include a student-friendly marking scheme and suggested web links. See Topic issue.

Coursework skills

Many of the Learning Skills for Science activities will help students develop valuable skills to improve their coursework. On this website see LSS for AS Science in Society.