Enabling students to understand and analyse contemporary issues in science and technology

AS topic resources

Sis textbook CoverAll the resources needed to teach the AS course, apart from the textbook, can be linked to from this section. Look under Resource topics on the right for: schemes of work, activities and links to web sites and other resources.

Look under How Science Works for activities, web sites and other resources relevant to understanding these ideas.

Under Teaching and Learning you will find suggestions on how to run different types of activity.

The Internal Assessment section has activities and advice on preparing students for their assessed reading and research.

The textbook

The AS Science in Society textbook contains a chapter on each topic, attractive illustrations and up-to date data. How science works ideas are fully covered and there are questions to test understanding and to raise interesting issues.

Answers to all the textbook questions can be found in the document below.

AS SIS Answers to textbook questions