Enabling students to understand and analyse contemporary issues in science and technology

Teaching the course

What would I be teaching in a Science in Society course?

There are three 'threads' to be taught:

  • Teaching topics, which are the contexts, mostly topical issues involving science
  • How science works, which are about the methods of science and the interactions between science and society
  • Science explanations, giving the broad scientific principles necessary for understanding the contexts.

In the specification each teaching topic clearly lays out the how science works ideas and the science explanations that are covered in that topic.

The textbook has one chapter for each topic and covers the science and how science works as part of each context.

This web site includes schemes of work and activities for all the topics, as well as web links to explore further.

What teaching methods will I need to teach the Science in Society course?

The course does allow for a wider range of teaching and learning approaches than are often used in a traditional science course. Students will engage in debate, argument and role play, and will carry out independent research for the AS internal assessment. At A level there will be opportunities for enquiry based learning.

Advice and activities that develop these learning approaches are available on the Teaching and learning page.