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Small group discussion

Why use small group discussion?

  • Students enjoy it
  • It allows active involvement by everyone
  • The shy and less articulate are more able to contribute
  • Students learn from each other
  • Everyone gets more practice at expressing their ideas
  • A two way discussion is almost always more creative than individual thoughts
  • Social skills are practiced in a 'safe' environment e.g. tolerance, cooperation
  • Discussion is essential to clarify arguments for a topic where there are no 'right answers'

Hints on running small group discussion

  • Make sure that the task is clear and has definite product which has to be communicated back.
  • Make sure they have enough knowledge and resources to complete the task.
  • Don't let it run for too long. Some groups will stray off task.
  • Drop in on groups for short periods with support or challenge as appropriate.
  • Make sure that seating allows everyone in the group to see each other, best round a table not side by side.
  • Do not allow one group to become too noisy. They will attract interest from other groups, who will then lose their own identity.
  • Normally groups work best with friends because they trust them but be prepared to break up groups which are not working. Some members will be pleased.
  • Allow time for feedback at the end and value the contributions of all groups.

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