Enabling students to understand and analyse contemporary issues in science and technology

Science in Society in the curriculum

Science in Society is a widely accessible course that develops scientific literacy and communication alongside a number of valued generic skills.

The AS level is accessible to all with the appropriate literacy skills and a minimum single core science GCSE background — the emphasis is upon a more mature understanding and use of science already encountered in exploring relevant issues, rather than upon extensive development of new factual scientific explanation. AS Science in Society is complete in itself as a terminal course.

Progression to A2 Science in Society introduces the necessary science behind several topical issues that are explored in depth, with an emphasis on communication of the relevant argument and understanding.

Within the 14–19 curriculum, Science in Society might be placed as:

As a ‘normal’ advanced level, Science in Society is fully funded by the Learning Skills Council. Establishing the course does NOT require unusual or major new capital or running expenditure. Funding and Resourcing Science in Society

Science in Society attracts the normal UCAS points for an A level, and the skills developed during the AS course are attractive to a wide variety of HE institutions/courses.

Download these pages as a complete curriculum document here (1.7 MB).

Note that AS Science in Society is a development of the successful AS-only Science for Public Understanding specification first introduced as part of ‘Curriculum 2000’