Enabling students to understand and analyse contemporary issues in science and technology

AS Relationships between science and society Activities & Weblinks


The following activities develop ideas about the relationships between science and society. These ideas are also referred to in other activities.

1.5 Nuffield bioethics activity 6
1.7 Radioactive pigeons
1.8 Health in the news
1.11 Cosmic habitats
1.11 Breaking news


Articles on how science journalists can distort the truth about how research really happens, from Scidev.net. Useful for teaching about the media.

Set of articles, mainly for science journalists which give good advice on writing and interpreting media reports on science, including how to detect fraud from Scidev.net.

How do the media report risk stories? An analysis from Understanding Uncertainty.

Paper analysing how media stories report conflict of interest and funding in reports

A web site that provides critical statistical analysis of media claims http://www.stats.org/index.htm

A site established to campaign for improved understanding of statistics by politicians and themass media amongst others. Useful analyses of reports

Some teaching ideas from Ben Goldacre of the Bad Science column, mainly about media reports but linking to lots of useful information on statistics.