Enabling students to understand and analyse contemporary issues in science and technology



The AS course develops a deeper insight into the ideas about how science works that have been introduced at GCSE. Most of the science explanations required are at GCSE level.

AS to A2

The A2 course requires students to learn some new science, mainly related to the structure and function of the brain and the use of modelling to study climate change. It also expects them to be able to apply their understanding of how science works to completely new science contexts and to study the subject using problem based learning.

Higher Education

Care was taken in developing this Science in Society specification to reflect current developments in higher education. Whilst the course provides a useful experience for students continuing their education in a full range of other subjects it also provides a sound basis for specific progression into courses such as Science communication, Science and the media and Philosophy of science. The mix of experience, including problem based learning, discussion of ethics and consideration of relevant issues, also makes the course a good additional qualification for candidates seeking entry to medical and similar professional courses.

We have prepared a list of HE courses that provide some direct progression in the subject. Click here to view this list.

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