Enabling students to understand and analyse contemporary issues in science and technology

AS Making decisions about science and technology Activities & Weblinks


The following activities develop ideas about making decisions about science and technology. These ideas are also referred to in other activities.

1.3 Transport attitudes
1.3 The car of the future
1.3 Mumbai
1.5 Discussing animal ethics
1.5 Drug development role play
1.5 The decision: role play on therapeutic cloning
1.5 Clinical trials in developing countries
1.6 The Gift
1.6 Using ethical frameworks
1.6 Debate on sex selection
1.8 Alcohol whose responsibility?


Reports from National Institute for Clinical Excellence which evaluates medicines for clinical effectiveness and cost effectiveness.

An explanation of cost-benefit analysis from the Health and safety executive.

An explanation of cost benefit and cost effectiveness from the Prime Minister’s strategy unit.

A thorough resource list for teaching bioethics, including academic papers, books and web links.

Guidance on teaching ethics from the Ethical Emporium.

Ethical Principles for Medical Research Involving Human Subjects from the World Medical Association declaration of Helsinki.

A toolkit for making ethical decisions from PEEP.

Policy guidelines on the precautionary principle from HSE.

Challenging the precautionary principle, articles from Spiked.

People and Science, the magazine of the British Science Association contains articles on topical issues, with a strong focus on decision making.