Enabling students to understand and analyse contemporary issues in science and technology

LSS in AS Science in Society

Skill area 1: Information retrieval
1.1 Believe it or not
1.1 The information revolution *
1.1 Using the internet to find information *
1.2 Speed survey

Skill area 2: Listening and observing
1.2 Let’s get critical

1.4 Listening to a podcast

1.4 Invite an expert

1.5 Identifying arguments, opinions and points of view

1.5 Watching a film

Skill area 3: Scientific reading
1.2 Extracting key information from a scientific article at “first glance”
1.2 Delving deeper into an article at “second glance”
1.3 Skim reading a series of articles
1.5 Resources and audiences

1.6 Making sense of text: representing it in your own way

1.7 Reading and sharing

1.7 Using visuals krypton factor style

1.8 A study of DCA

Skill area 4: Data representation
1.3 Interpreting graphs

1.3 Processing and representing data

1.4 Processing large data sets

Skill area 5: Scientific writing
1.5 Writing a scientific review article
1.5 Writing an abstract
1.5 Compiling a bibliography
1.5 Evaluating scientific writing

1.5 Copycat
1.6 Appropriate levels of communication

1.7 Writing a summary

1.8 Arranging a scientific report

1.9 Writing scientific articles for different audiences

1.10 Evaluate articles about the universe

Skill area 6: Knowledge presentation.
1.3 Preparing a short presentation

1.4 Preparing a longer presentation

1.8 Preparing a scientific poster

1.8 Evaluating scientific posters

1.10 Presenting a review using Photo Story

1.10 Evaluating presentations

The activities marked * are those that develop skills particularly useful for the centred-assessed Study of a topical scientific issue.