Enabling students to understand and analyse contemporary issues in science and technology

Funding and Resourcing Science in Society

Science in Society is recognised as an advanced level course and receives full LSC funding (i.e. 150 guided learning hours at AS and 150 guided learning hours at A2).

The LSC Learning Aim reference is 50025806 with an FE programme weighting factor B.

While teaching of Science in Society in most centres is by science teachers in their usual specialist accommodation this is not essential. Either on their own, or as part of a team with science specialists, interested and motivated teachers with other backgrounds (including, for example, geography, history, English and media) have successfully led students through the course.

The course requires no practical work (although some science teachers may introduce the occasional demonstration) and timetabling in seminar or other classrooms is successful and sometimes valuable.

Access to computer network facilities with internet access is valuable on various occasions during the course. This can be limited to individual access for research work in Unit 2 if necessary.

The textbook is recommended. All other necessary teaching resources are freely available on this website.