Enabling students to understand and analyse contemporary issues in science and technology

Formal Guidance

Assessment Policy

Setting, supervision and assessment of the Reading and writing about science tasks should be conducted within the assessment policy of your school/college. If your institution does not have an appropriate formal policy you should nonetheless act within the guidelines of the various documents referenced on this page.

If you are responsible for drawing up an assessment policy within your institution you may find helpful the 'Assessment Policy Tool' that is freely available from the Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors. Look for 'Assessment Policy' in the 'Knowledge Centre'.

Assessment quality assurance

If you have a number of teachers involved in Science in Society then you will need to standardise assessments within your centre and formally confirm that such quality assurance procedures have been carried out (on an AQA 'Centre Declaration' form that is submitted with your marks). Even if you are a single Science in Society teacher with a small group then a second signature will be required to confirm that procedures have been followed within the centre.

If you are offering Science in Society as 'additional learning' within a diploma then you may wish to formally appoint a 'domain assesor' for Science in Society. Detailed description of the role of a domain assessor is to be found in 'Delivering the Diploma: A guide to managing internal assessment' from the National Assessment Agency.


There is excellent, and esssential, overall guidance on the supervision of the internally assesed tasks in 'Instructions for conducting coursework/portfolios' from the Joint Council for Qualifications. Search the site for 'Coursework'. It is a requirement that a copy of this document be available in each department conducting internal assessments. Do make sure that you refer to the relevant version as updates and amendments are made each year.

While reading and interpreting this document note that the AQA specification clearly states that, "The account and report are part of teaching and learning rather than being solely for assessment purposes, and it is envisaged that teachers will guide and supervise candidates at all stages as work proceeds." (Section 3.2.3)