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AS Developing and testing scientific explanations Activities & Weblinks


The following activities develop ideas about establishing developing and testing scientific explanations. These ideas are also referred to in other activities.

1.9 One good theory to another
1.9 Pentadactyl limb
1.9 Evolution and creation
1.10 So you think the Earth is round?
1.10 So you think the Earth goes round the Sun?
1.10 The truth game
1.10 Science predicts - it’s what it’s good at
1.10 The origin of the Universe
1.11 Cosmic habitats
1.11 Science and non-science


Good description of how science works, which is then related to evolution.

Short articles from BEEP including a short clear video from Sir David King.

An ironic ‘Advice for creationists’ which sets out why we trust scientist knowledge.