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Assessment Training and Qualification

This web site provides resources for introducing and teaching the skills required to complete the Reading and writing in science tasks and the project also provides some general training and support through courses run by the Science Learning Centres and teacher and student conferences. Formal training for the assessment of Science in Society Unit 2 and assessment training in general is provided by AQA and other specialist agencies.

Teachers who assess Science in Society might wish to consider joining the Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors. Any teacher assessing Unit 2 is likely to be qualified as an 'Associate' and assessments made of Reading and Writing in Science tasks will be appropriate portfolio evidence for future upgrade to Member (MCIEA) or Fellow (FCIEA) status through the 'Internal assessment' route. Teachers who have already been assessing the similar elements for AS Science for Public Understanding or similar units may already be eligible to upgrade.

The Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors website also contains freely accessible information on assessor training through a number of other organisations.