Enabling students to understand and analyse contemporary issues in science and technology

About the course

This new specification has been designed to:

  • broaden the curriculum for those whose interests lie mainly in the arts or humanities;
  • give those studying science the opportunity to reflect on their specialist studies in a wider context;
  • develop the knowledge and skills that learners need to grapple with issues related to the science and technology that they meet now and in their adult and working lives; and 
  • provide insight into ideas about How Science Works to enable application of critical thinking skills in a coherent way when reading, writing and talking about science.

sixth form students

Among the many benefits, this new specification is designed to encourage candidates to:

  • sustain and develop their interest in, and engagement with, science
  • take an informed interest in media reports about issues and events involving science and technology;
  • develop and be able to express an informed, personal point of view on issues concerning science and technology; and
  • make use of their understanding of science and technology in everyday contexts and in making decisions about everyday lifestyle choices.


At AS, this specification builds upon a body of knowledge already familiar to candidates from their study of science at GCSE. The course places an emphasis on understanding both ideas about How Science Works and broad scientific principles that can together be applied to understanding a range of issues.


At A2, this specification further develops knowledge about How Science Works. Candidates are given the opportunity to use reasoned debate to demonstrate and apply their grasp of the broad principles and frameworks of ideas within the field of contemporary science and technology.