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A2 Assessing impacts of science and technology: risk and risk assessment Activities & Weblinks


The following activities develop ideas about risk. These ideas are also referred to in other activities.

3.5 Risks and nuclear power
3.5 Risk and uncertainty in policy making


Web site ‘that tries to make sense of chance, risk, luck, uncertainty and probability’
with a series of articles on topical issues

Article on breast cancer screening used as a case study to explain how statistics can be used

Discussion of how to communicate risk to the public, with useful graphs and tables on different risk relationships from Biomathematics & Statistics Scotland.

List of sites on statistics and risk from Open University.

American Council on Science and Health publish reports on a range of health risks, critically examining received wisdom.

A site about Radiation and Risk from Idaho University with information about measures of risk and some data on risk comparisons. Much of the dose information is in rem rather than sieverts.

An introduction to air pollution and health risks from the US Environmental Protection Agency.

A 1992 report from the Health and Safety Executive about the tolerability of risk from Nuclear Power stations – quite old but still interesting.