Enabling students to understand and analyse contemporary issues in science and technology

3.2.1 Critical Account

Introducing coursework 1
A suggested scheme of work for the Critical Account
Introducing Coursework 1 – Critical Account of Scientific Reading (31 KB)

AQA guidance on the Critical Account

A link to the advice from AQA and an extensive list of suitable books.

Critical Account checklist
A checklist for students to use to make sure that they covered all the requirements.
Critical account checklist (21 KB)

‘Student speak’ Marking Grid
A student-friendly version of the marking scheme for the critical account that students can use to mark sample pieces of work, as well as their own finished work; it provides useful guidance on what is expected.
‘Student speak’ Marking Grid (35 KB)

Samples of coursework
More samples to supplement those given out at Standardising meetings.
Sample 1 (31 KB)

Sample 2 (32 KB)

Comments on Critical acounts (29 KB)