School and college students

Studying for a social science degree at a Q-Step Centre or Affiliate will enable you to ask important questions about society, and give you the necessary skills to answer them.

Why does life expectancy vary depending on where you live? Why do opinion polls sometimes get it wrong? Can we predict the next recession? Is the level of violent crime going up or down? Questions like these are raised all around us every day, in the news, on social media and in the classroom – you’ve probably got your own view on the answers. But how do you know whether your answer is the right one? Could you prove it? Do you want to know how?

We can’t address the regional discrepancy in life expectancy unless we know what causes it in the first place. Or put more simply, we can’t change the world if we don’t understand why it is the way it is. A Q-Step degree – with its focus on quantitative skills and methods – will give you the tools and confidence to do just that. 

Student feedback

"I’m studying the ‘with quantitative research methods (QRM)’ programme because the numbers out there don’t add up. From supermarket promotions to SATs to health interventions, numbers persuade me to take a particular course of action.

I wanted to understand how to get behind those numbers, what they mean and how truthful they are, because an awful lot can ride on them. Having taken and thoroughly enjoyed the first and second year units, I can now make better sense of numbers – a crucial skill given that most decisions in life will be based on numerical data at some level.

Lindsay Chaplin, BSc Childhood Studies with QRM, University of Bristol