The Rights Track

This project will establish a free website resource of twelve podcasts on systematic social science research on human rights.

The podcasts will discuss the big human rights issues of our time, in the context of rigorous academic research. They will collate, but also frame and organise, discussion around key topics in a format and style that is accessible to a non academic but interested audience including: governmental and non-governmental organisations, the legal community, advocates, activists and lobby groups, media organisations, and students of human rights, history, law, and journalism.

Professor Todd Landman will host influential guests and contributors who will be interviewed about their latest work and thinking. It will also act as a resource with a round up and discussions of the latest relevant research findings and publications in this field. Each podcast will be backed by its own permanent page on the project website where in addition to the audio file, there would be accompanying notes to facilitate search including:

  • episode and topic summary.

  • interviewee profiles and links.

  • links to content mentioned in the show.

  • links to comprehensive references, e.g. academic papers etc.

  • full transcripts of each podcast.

Project details



Professor Todd Landman, University of Nottingham

Grant programme

Law in Society

Grant amount and duration


September 2015 - September 2016