Rewriting the British Constitution (again): Cure or Cold?

There is concern about levels of public trust and confidence in politics, as well as low levels of participation in elections. This is in spite of implementation of an extensive programme of constitutional reform by the previous government. Similarly, the coalition government is now embarked upon an equally extensive programme of reform in the hope it can restore faith in politics. However this programme is markedly different in character in the emphasis it gives to mechanisms of direct democracy.

This project will assess whether this difference in character means the new government’s programme is more likely to be successful in restoring levels of trust, confidence and participation. It will do so by undertaking survey research to establish how far its proposed measures appeal to those with low levels of trust and confidence, and those disinclined to vote.

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Professor John Curtice, NatCen

Ms Alison Park, NatCen

Dr Ben Seyd, University of Kent

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April 2011-March 2013