Our SPACE research reports tell you what ideas children have about scientific concepts

About Primary Science and SPACE

The SPACE research project 
The SPACE project was collaborative research undertaken by academics and teachers. Its aim was to understand the development of children's scientific ideas. 

The work was directed by Professor Paul Black and Professor Wynne Harlenbased at the Centre for Research in Primary Science and Technology, University of Liverpool, and the Centre for Educational Studies, King's College London.

SPACE research reports
The SPACE Project Research Reports were published between 1989 and 1998 to present the results of this enquiry into the ideas which children form about scientific concepts and processes. 

They are available to download free of charge from this website. 

Nuffield Primary Science
The teaching approach in the Nuffield Primary Science curriculum materials is based on the SPACE approach. It 'starts where the children are', building on the ideas children bring with them to their lessons and helping them to develop their understanding of scientific concepts.

Nuffield Primary Science publications
The project produced a wide range of curriculum materials published by Collins. The books consisted of 11 teachers' guides at each of KS1 and KS2 covering different topics such as Materials and Forces. There were one pupils' book to match each teachers' guide at KS1 and two books (one for each of Years 3–4 and 5–6) to match each teachers' guide at KS2.

In addition, there were books to use in conjunction with and during the Literacy Hour, and a book covering science knowledge (Understanding science ideas) for teachers. 

The books are all now out of print, but they are widely available in school and college libraries. For a list of titles see the publications list.