Welcome to Primary Science and SPACE 

Nuffield Primary Science is a set of curriculum materials published by Collins in 1995. The materials are now out of print but are still widely available in school and college libraries. You can also download the materials from the National STEM Centre archive.

The materials were based on a classroom-based research project run by King's College London and Liverpool University called Primary Science Processes and Concept Exploration (SPACE). The project aimed to establish the ideas that primary school children hold in particular science concept areas, and the possibility of children modifying their ideas as the result of relevant experiences.

The SPACE approach was to 'start where the children are', building on the ideas children bring with them to lessons and helping them to develop their understanding of scientific concepts. 

All the SPACE research reports, are available to download from this website by topic: Processes of life; Growth; Materials; Rocks, soils and weather; Forces; Sound; Earth in Space; Electricity; Light; and Evaporation and condensation