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Involving others

Here are some ways in which you could involve others with careers initiatives:

  1. Present what you are doing to others in a team meeting - show them other resources available and invite them to get involved.
  2. Work in a cross-curricula way with the maths department to show the links between science and maths, and combine with a career activity (see Teachers’ TV in STEM Careers Collection).
  3. Work on an enrichment activity for science week involving other departments - using a topic such as ‘food’ and include practical science.
  4. Develop a strategy with the careers delivery team in school.
  5. Involve your senior leadership team in developing a STEM strategy (draw on the STEM Strategic Planner at the National STEM Centre).
  6. Look for further CPD possibilities via your regional Science Learning Centre.

Page last updated on 02 May 2013