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Introduction to model-based inquiry

Model-based inquiry is based on the generating, testing and revising of scientific models. It is different to typical school science investigations, in that it is centred round a collaborative and co-operative style of learning and places emphasis on the explanatory model.

Read the Quick start guide while preparing to use the model-based inquiry teaching resources. It sets out the bigger picture of what model-based inquiry involves and how it can relate to practical work in science.

For more detail about the points raised in the quick start guide go to the relevant sections which follow: 

1. An 'authentic' approach to learning science

2. How is model-based inquiry different to the way investigations are typically carried out?

3. The Practical Work for Learning resources and transferring the approach

4. Research findings

References for the introduction to model-based inquiry

Download the full introduction to model-based inquiry

A research summary was produced at the start of the project. It examines the evidence relating to model-based inquiry, the implications for using this approach in lessons which include practical work, and suggested interventions.