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Integrating careers information into lessons

Recent research on science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) education regularly suggests a need to tackle the poor reported experience of science among pupils generally, together with a negative image of and inadequate information about careers arising from science.

For example, research in physics found that the lack of context and knowledge about careers has actively turned girls away from studying the subject post-16. Physics is still nineteenth on the list of most popular A levels for girls, while it is number sixth on the boys list (

In response, the Institute of Physics (IOP) has been actively developing more physics teaching resources placed in context, and with links to careers, as part of their campaign to increase the uptake of physics for girls.

Several initiatives were put in place as part of the UK government funded STEM Cohesion Programme. Information about careers from science, maths or other STEM subjects was made available through websites for young people (see FutureMorph and Maths Careers). The STEM Subject Choice and Careers project formed one strand of the STEM Cohesion Programme and provided support for schools in teaching about careers, and in careers advice and guidance. This project developed a range of teaching resources that included a careers element - some through Upd8 Wikid and some as stand-alone (all available from the National STEM Centre).

The response from teachers and from young people to these resources has been very positive.

"More needs to be done to make science a 'conceivable' career option for a broader range of pupils, such as incorporating explicit teaching about STEM-related career opportunities into Key Stage 3 lessons" (Archer et al, 2012)

The resources in this pack build on this initial work and show how practical science lessons can be combined with a careers element to enhance understanding and raise the careers awareness of pupils.

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