A collection of experiments that demonstrate biological concepts and processes.
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Food preservation

The modern food industry is hugely important to our society. These practicals focus on how food can be treated to prolong its storage time.

  • Standard technique Making serial dilutions
    Instructions for students, for making a series of dilutions of any substance.
  • Standard technique Aseptic techniques
    Tools covered: wire loop, pipettes, cotton wool plugs.
    Procedures covered: inoculating plates, inoculating slopes, inoculating cultures, using a wire loop, using a pipette, flaming necks of bottles and test tubes, and disinfecting surfaces.
  • Hazards of defrosted food
    Estimate the amount of microbial growth in defrosted foodstuffs.
    Make microbe cell counts using the Miles and Misra technique.
  • Standard technique Making a pour plate
    A small amount of inoculum from a broth culture grows in a dish of medium. Determine a viable count per cm3 if the dilution produces 30-100 separate countable colonies.