Put talented young people at the heart of your business with Nuffield Research Placements

Do you want to get help with a project at work and inspire the next generation of young people in your local area? The Nuffield Foundation is looking for employers to offer projects for talented A level (or equivalent) students. 

Projects must have broadly scientific or technical content, but they don't have to be based in a laboratory. They might be office-based or include a lot of fieldwork, or they might focus on engineering, data analysis or computer science. Projects usually take place in the summer holidays and will be a minimum of 4 weeks in length (up to 6 weeks). We make sure no-one is excluded on a financial basis by covering students' travel costs, and some students may also be eligible for a weekly bursary in addition to travel expenses. Enter your details below and one of our regional coordinators will contact you for a no-obligation conversation about working with us.

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