A suite of GCSE science courses developed in partnership with the University of York


A fresh approach

Our view is that we need a curriculum model for science that offers flexibility and genuine choice to cope with the diversity of students' interests and aspirations. In Twenty First century Science we have taken the opportunity to try a new approach to the 14 to 16 science curriculum (Key stage 4, leading to GCSE examinations).

The model offers all students the chance to develop the scientific literacy that they need to play a full part in a modern democratic society where science and technology play a key role in shaping our lives - as active and informed citizens. In addition, for some students - perhaps a minority - we have produced courses which provide the first stages of their training as a scientist, or for a career that involves science. See Science for scientists and Science as practised.

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Beyond 2000 and other influences

Twenty First Century Science grew from the recommendations of the Beyond 2000 report. This was published in 1998 and is available as a pdf file here

Beyond 2000 report (141 KB)

The report argues that the compulsory science curriculum should be designed to develop the scientific literacy of future citizens. It also recommends that from about the age of 14 a separate, parallel course is needed to prepare those young people who opt for it for more advanced study in science.