Using sport to educate and enthuse young people about science

19 January 2012

Sport has a unique ability to capture the imagination of young people and to stimulate their aspirations. Science and engineering has dramatically shaped the modern sporting world, sometimes causing controversy, but always generating fascination. 

This relationship between sport and science is explored by leading sports engineer Dr David James in his Nuffield Foundation Lecture given at the ASE conference in Liverpool earlier this month. 

You can listen to his speech and see his presentation in this multimedia presentation. 

About David James

David James is a senior lecturer in sports engineering at Sheffield Hallam University. He leads the University’s MSc in sports engineering and maintains a wide range of research interests.

David has a mechanical engineering background with a PhD from the University of Sheffield. He has been privileged to work in a world leading research centre for ten years and has published extensively in a range of sports engineering areas. 

David’s current research is focusing on the historical impact of technology in track and field events and the ethical considerations of an increasingly scientific sporting arena.

David is a leading science communicator and was recently awarded a prestigious fellowship in public engagement from the Royal Academy of Engineering. He regularly delivers high profile lectures on the role that technology plays in sport and has appeared on countless stages including the Cheltenham Science Festival; the BA Festival of Science and the Royal Institution’s Faraday lecture theatre.