Teaching mathematical processes - free resources

19 January 2011

FREE resources to support the teaching and assessment of key processes in mathematics in secondary schools.

20 Applying Mathematical Processes (AMP) activities require pupils to:
Represent a situation mathematically
Analyse data
Interpret and evaluate data
Communicate a chosen solution and reflect on its merits.

The image is from 'Reaction times'.

Investigations present pupils with tasks based on a range of accessible topics such as text messaging and paper sizes.

Practical explorations allow pupils to apply mathematical processes to realistic scenarios, including designing a guesthouse booking system and working out how far they could travel in one hour.

Each activity contains a pupil stimulus and teacher notes. Some also include Flash/PDF interactives for use with Interactive White Boards and computers. 

Download the free resources

>> Download the FREE resources from www.nuffieldfoundation.org/AMP.

Resources will also be disseminated via the Secondary National Strategies in England

AMP background

The AMP resources have been produced with Nuffield support, piloted in schools, and enhanced with feedback from teachers and sample responses from pupils.

The resources are based on 20 of the Graded Assessment in Mathematics (GAIM) materials produced by Margaret Brown and others with Nuffield support in the 1980s. There 80 original GAIM activities are accessable via the National STEM Centre archive.

Bowland Maths

Bowland Maths have similarly styled but shorter assessment tasks and related CPD modules. The Bowland CPD modules cover pedagogical approaches for open-ended tasks, assessment strategies, and managing group work. 

More about AMP and Bowland Maths - information from the 27 January launch event

Download free resources

>> Download the FREE resources from www.nuffieldfoundation.org/AMP.