Science Bursary student Hattie represents UK at international summit

10 October 2011

Harriet Jones

Congratulations to former Nuffield Science Bursary student Hattie Jones who will represent the UK at the 2011 G(irls)20 Summit in Paris later this month. 

The Summit brings together one delegate from each G20 country, plus a representative from the chair country of the African Union. The delegates debate, discuss and design innovative ideas necessary to empower girls and women globally. 

Hattie was chosen as the UK delegate following completion of a Nuffield Science Bursary project, for which she won several prizes and awards, including three prizes at the 2010 Big Bang Fair (the Intermediate Age Science Award, EUCYS prize and the London International Youth Science Forum Award). She also received a Gold CREST award and won a place at the EU Contest for Young Scientists

Hattie's project investigated the controlled uptake and release of carbon monoxide for biomedical imaging applications. She worked alongside a research team supervised by Professor Nick Long in the chemistry department at Imperial College London.  Hattie writes: 

"I attempted to dissociate a carbonyl group from metal centred (Iron and Ruthenium) porphyrins using reflux, UV light and amine addition. The one that worked was irradiating the Ruthenium porphyrin with UV light, the carbonyl could also be reattached a few times, making the method more cost effective. This research was continued by a PhD student in the group and has since been published in an academic journal.

"The ultimate aim of the project is to place a radioactive Carbon-11 (within the carbonyl) into a drug so it can hopefully be used as a medical tracer for PET scans. This would be effective because Carbon monoxide travels around the body very quickly in the blood so it would be a fast-acting medical tracer. Only a very small amount of Carbon monoxide would be used to ensure it is still relatively safe for the patient."

Hattie attended the Abbey School in Reading and is now studying Chemistry at Durham University. We wish her all the best for the G(irls)20 Summit.