Robert Street appointed Director of Justice

By Nuffield Foundation

The Nuffield Foundation has appointed Robert Street as Director of Justice. Robert will lead our work in Justice, which together with Education and Welfare, forms the three core domains of our research funding. 

The research we fund in our Justice domain aims to facilitate evidence-based changes in the justice system to help improve outcomes for people who are seeking to resolve legal problems, particularly those who are vulnerable.

The Nuffield Foundation has appointed Robert Street as Director of Justice.

Robert will oversee and develop our £7 million portfolio of research projects in justice, working closely with our grant-holders, the research community, and people working within the justice system. He will also take responsibility for development of the Nuffield Family Justice Observatory, which aims to support the best possible decisions for children by improving the use of data and research evidence in the family justice system in England and Wales.

Robert will join the Foundation on 13 August from the Youth Justice Board, where he is currently Head of Evidence and Effective Practice. He currently leads their research, data, and analysis functions, including work to put evidence into practice in the youth justice sector.

Robert has a background in law and criminology. Previously, he has spent most of his career as a social researcher at the Home Office, working on a wide range of policy topics in crime and criminal justice. 

Nuffield Foundation Chief Executive Tim Gardam said:

“We are delighted to welcome Robert to the Foundation. We were very impressed by his understanding of our work in justice, which is focused on family and youth justice, and the participation and rights of vulnerable people within the legal system. The justice system is currently undergoing a period of rapid and systemic change, and Robert will lead the Foundation’s work to ensure we are funding research that will aid understanding of those changes and the impact of them on citizens, particularly those who are vulnerable.

I’m very pleased to be joining the Nuffield Foundation, particularly at such an exciting time in its history, and am looking forward to working with colleagues and partners in delivering its ambitious and influential agenda on justice issues.” Rob Street, Director of Justice
By Nuffield Foundation

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