Nuffield Foundation's Maths Showcase

25 June 2019

The Nuffield Foundation is convening an event to showcase and explore the findings from some of the key maths and numeracy projects that the Foundation has funded over recent years. This showcase will include presentations from six Nuffield-funded studies that have been investigating maths and numeracy in the early years and primary phases of education.

Chaired by Lynne McClure, Director of Cambridge Maths, this event will provide an important opportunity to consider how the findings of the six Nuffield-funded studies fit within the wider context and identify areas for further research that would help practitioners and policy makers support the development of numeracy.

1. Understanding the influence of cognition and the home learning environment on early number skills - Dr Fiona Simmons, School of Natural Sciences and Psychology, Liverpool John Moore University

2. Cognitive and Educational Foundations of Preschool Mathematics: (not) as easy as 1, 2, 3 - Professor Gaia Scerif, Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford

3. Interventions to improve mathematical achievement in primary school-aged children: a systematic review - Dr Victoria Simms, Ulster University

4. A Guide to the use of Manipulatives in the Foundations of Arithmetic - Dr Rose Griffiths, School of Education, University of Leicester

5. Understanding the origins and experience of mathematics anxiety in primary and secondary school pupils - Dr Denes Szucs, Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge

6. Development dyscalculia and order processing - Bianca van Bers, School of Psychology, Queen’s University Belfast

This event aims to highlight the key findings of these research projects, explore possible linkages between them and to consider the implications of these findings for policy and practice. Presentations will be followed by a panel discussion featuring:

  • Amy Clark, Education Endowment Foundation
  • Nicol Winfield, Derby Research School
  • Rob Coe, Evidence Based Education
  • Jeremy Hodgen, UCL Institute of Education

For further information on this seminar, and how to register, please contact


Date: Tuesday 09 July 2019

Time: 10:30 – 16:30

Venue: Nuffield Foundation, 28 Bedford Square, London