New funding programmes in Economic Advantage and Disadvantage and the Finances of Ageing

20 May 2015

We have launched two new funding programmes, Economic Advantage and Disadvantage, and Finances of Ageing. Both are open to applications for research and innovation projects.

Economic Advantage and Disadvantage will fund projects that examine the distribution of all aspects of individual and household economic well-being, from poverty and benefits to wealth and savings. We are also interested in the factors that drive them, from labour markets to tax policies. Another priority will be work that looks at the causal role played by economic disadvantage and advantage on both economic and non-economic outcomes.

Finances of Ageing will fund projects that examine aspects of finance, economics, and transfers related to individual and population ageing. We are interested in the level and distribution of resources and outcomes, both across and within groups. We will also fund projects that examine the effects of policy changes or implementation, such as changing pension policy, changing policies on the finances of social care or other policies related to inter-generational transfers.

We have previously funded some projects in these areas through our Open Door, which funds work outside our main programmes. Trustees have now decided to establish distinct funding programmes, reflecting the growing importance of economic issues to our mission to improve social well-being. Each of the new programmes has several key themes. These themes are likely to be expanded over the next few months, so interested applicants should watch for new announcements. 

Application process

There are three rounds of applications each year and the application process is in two stages. Applicants submit a short outline application and those that meet the criteria are invited to submit a full application, which are subject to external peer review and considered at Trustees’ meetings. The next deadline for outline applications is 2 July 2015. 

Full criteria for both programmes are available in the how to apply section of our website. 

In addition to Economic Advantage and Disadvantage and Finances of Ageing, the Foundation has five other programmes that fund research and innovation projects. These are: Children and Families, Early Years Education and Childcare, Education, Law in Society and Open Door.